Lea is excellent and has helped me more than I can express

I would often arrive for an appointment with Lea feeling totally weighed down by insurmountable problems.  An hour later, I would emerge feeling happy, confident and empowered to deal with life again!  I would definitely recommend Lea to anyone wanting to experience positive change in their life

Lea is excellent and has helped me stop blaming myself

“Lea is approachable, level-headed, knowledgable and professional. Very helpful”

Through coaching sessions with Lea I have finally found the courage to go out start my own business. We talked through the fears and the unhelpful thoughts that where holding me back from achieving my goals. She helped me to focus on my core values, to clarify what it is I really want and has given me the tools to steer clear of any self sabotage. Working with Lea has been an enlivening and transformative experience, she really does bring the best out in people

Mindfulness in the Woods events:

I enjoyed every moment of it and would recommend it to anyone

Lovely course leaders who were very welcoming and it felt like a safe space

It was a great introduction to mindfulness. Gives you a taste and you are free to explore other elements on your own. Particularly liked the ‘art’ therapy

I thought it was very well presented and the trainers were lovely. Made everything very easy and comfortable. Thank you, I will definitely benefit from today