Life Coaching

Life Coaching can help you with decision making and setting goals.

Life coaching can help you move forward and set goals in your personal or professional life and move towards a life that you really want.

One-to-one Life-Coaching in Wrexham

I have developed a unique programme which will enable you to grow your confidence, become more successful, maybe start your own business and attract positive relationships into your life.

Since beginning my own journey of self-discovery, I have let go of self-defeating patterns and made many positive changes in my life towards a better future and have achieved so much, my life has become full of joy, adventure, fulfilling relationships and a successful career.

I can help you to follow that same path from feeling stuck and unfulfilled to living the life you deserve and desire.

I particularly enjoy working in a way that suits visual and kinaesthetic learners. I like to walk out in nature, sit by a river and maybe even learn to juggle in order to connect with self, build confidence, feel calmer and develop your creative self. From this place we can think clearly about what your heart truly wants in life and work out the steps needed to get you there.

I use ‘Values’ cards and brainstorming techniques. Creating vision boards and journal writing are other exercises I like to use in my coaching work along with affirmations and mindfulness.

I work in a client-centered way, so you the client make all the decisions, I am there to guide you and ask the right questions, provide creative techniques to explore your possibilities and then keep you accountable to your action steps. I will never make you feel bad if certain steps weren’t taken, but help you to explore why this may be the case, free of judgement.

I am able to work one-to-one in Wrexham or via Skype, email and phone calls.

It could be the best investment of your life, because lets face it, you only get one shot, life is short and you deserve the life you want.

Testimonials from My Clients

“Lea is approachable, level-headed, knowledgable and professional. Very helpful”

Through coaching sessions with Lea I have finally found the courage to go out start my own business. We talked through the fears and the unhelpful thoughts that where holding me back from achieving my goals. She helped me to focus on my core values, to clarify what it is I really want and has given me the tools to steer clear of any self sabotage. Working with Lea has been an enlivening and transformative experience, she really does bring the best out in people

One-to-one Life Coaching

I charge £40.00 per hour and I have three slots available at £30.00 per hour for those earning a low wage household income less than £12,000 per year.

Block Booking Discount Packages. One-to-one.

  • 10 Sessions – £350. Save £50
  • 6 Sessions – £200. Save £40
  • 4 Sessions – £145. Save £15

Venue – Ffrith in Wrexham

Online Life Coaching

I charge £40.00 for a one hour Skype call and £30.00 for people on a low income (household income less than £12,000 per year)