My Nature Therapy on the BBC

Lea was recently interviewed and filmed by the BBC for the popular documentary series ‘The Why Factor.’ The programme asks the question, “Why does nature calm anxiety?” The crew came to the ancient woods at the National Trust’s Chirk Castle estate in North Wales where Lea hosts her Mindfulness & Bushcraft sessions (along with her […]

Is meditation leaving you feeling frustrated? Try this instead!

Have you ever tried meditation and given up? Maybe you have tried many times but failed to achieve the results you were looking for? Well I have experienced the challenges of meditation in the past, and I know from experience, that when anxiety is present, it can be even harder to achieve any level of […]

Heal our inner child? What about healing our inner hunter-gatherer?

We’ve all heard of the concept that we have an inner child inside of us that may need healing. This aspect of ourselves may be where our fear and lack of self-worth resides. Many of our behavioural, emotional and relationship difficulties stem from childhood hurts and trauma and how we internalised them when we experienced […]