My Nature Therapy on the BBC

nature therapy on the BBC
The BBC Crew get up close to a wilder way of living whilst filming for The Why Factor.

Lea was recently interviewed and filmed by the BBC for the popular documentary series ‘The Why Factor.’ The programme asks the question, “Why does nature calm anxiety?” The crew came to the ancient woods at the National Trust’s Chirk Castle estate in North Wales where Lea hosts her Mindfulness & Bushcraft sessions (along with her husband James), engaging all ages in nature connection. Here, the crew experienced a Nature Therapy session, lead by Lea, a qualifed Counsellor and Mindfulness in the Woods Practioner. Next up, the crew got stuck into some practical bushcraft skills to bring to life their inner cave-people. We both had a lot of fun during the recording.

You can listen to the programme RIGHT HERE.

bbc why does nature calm anxiety

Lea described her experience, “It felt great to be a part of the programme. There’s so much research coming out about the power of nature to heal us, with professionals and projects from all over the world reconnecting their clients with the wild places, I’m excited to be part of this movement. It truly feels like nature therapy’s time has come.” Lea believes that the antidote to stress is found through our connection to nature and that through this we can connect with others and with ourselves, building emotional resilience and community.

The official description of the BBC documentary reads;

“As the world grows more urban, humanity moves further away from nature. Could this be the reason anxiety has become the most diagnosed mental illness in the west? The idea of mindfulness is becoming more popular as the mainstream grows more aware of how panicked we all are. How are we tackling this issue? Jordan Dunbar dives into a niche of researchers and therapists who are learning about and treating the negative symptoms of urban life with a dose of nature.”

bbc filming lea kendall - counsellor
Lea, being interviewed by the BBC for The Why Factor.

In the programme Lea takes the show’s presenter, Jordan Dunbar, on a taster Nature Therapy session where she convinces him on the power of walking barefoot on the earth. Later, James (husband and bushcraft instructor) gives Jordan a crash-course in ancient survival skills including firelighting by friction. This awakened Jordan’s inner cave-man as he learned how to make fire using only the natural materials he could find around him.

The programme’s presenter and producer, Jordan, has this to say, “We’ve had great feedback on the radio doc already and it wouldn’t have been half as good without the sounds of the woodland and bushcraft!”

The Why Factor on the BBC


If the idea of not just getting away from it all for a weekend, but actually coming away with real skills and techniques to reduce stress and anxiety through nature connection appeals to you, then you’ll be happy to hear that Lea and James host immersive weekend workshops in Woodland Mindfulness & Bushcraft for adults which feature activities such as: spoon carving, awakening your animal senses, crafting your own woodland getaway (mindful shelter building), breathing space meditations, natural navigation techniques, fox walking, traditonal fire-lighting techniques, foraging, wildflower identifcation and more.

The aim is not just to give you a couple of days from the rat race but to enable you to come away with new skills and techniques which you can use to be more mindful going forward and bring nature deeper into your life.

Our next Woodland Mindfulness & Bushcraft Weekend is taking place on 16th – 17th May 2020. You can find full details RIGHT HERE. Book your place now for what promises to be a fantastic weekend. You can also find out more about Lea’s upcoming courses by clicking here.

Lea also takes bookings from organisations and for events to deliver her nature connection workshops to groups. Get in touch if you’d like to know more.

Both Lea and James would like to say a big thanks to Jordan Dunbar and the BBC crew for visiting us all the way up in North Wales, and for spreading our message that nature is a positive force for improved mental health and well-being. Also, we could not have had this opportunity without the kind permission of the staff at the National Trust’s Chirk Castle who we work in partnership with to deliver our programme of Woodland Classroom courses and workshops.