Is meditation leaving you feeling frustrated? Try this instead!

Have you ever tried meditation and given up? Maybe you have tried many times but failed to achieve the results you were looking for?

Well I have experienced the challenges of meditation in the past, and I know from experience, that when anxiety is present, it can be even harder to achieve any level of calm through focusing on the breath. I found myself feeling frustrated and angry with myself, the exact opposite of what I was trying to achieve.

I am now able to meditate regularly, but for years it was a real struggle, my meditation practice led me to give up many times, I would come back to it time and time again to find the same results, but I never gave up. I knew I wanted to live more presently in the here and now and to quieten the inner chatter.

Finally I found a way that allowed me to achieve the same results that meditation promised, it was through my mindfulness in nature practices that I finally felt like I was getting somewhere. After practicing this technique I was able to experience a state of mind that I could access which was less chaotic, calmer, more focused and easily accessed. I was also able to meditate in the more traditional sense for the first time and achieve results, I was able to quieten my mind and accept the thoughts that came to me without judgement, it was the gateway to meditation and living a more mindful life.

Here is a video I made where I show you how to practice this same technique. I show you how woodland animals can inspire us to engage all our senses to experience the natural world in a mindful way. These are techniques you can use yourself whilst exploring the outdoors or even in your back garden. These techniques are free, easy and get results.


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